About Us


Midtown Carnivores is an online retailer based in New York City. This startup business began as a hobby several years ago, and recently has begun expansion into a small family business.

OUR GOAL is to be a provider of a modest selection of carnivorous plants to the five boroughs. We're looking to be a small supplier of Venus Flytraps, tropical and North American pitcher plants, sundews, butterworts and bladderworts for the Metropolitan New York area. We will also have a stock of commonly used growing supplies, species-appropriate soil mixes, garden nursery items and miscellaneous CP-related gifts.


OUR SPECIALTY will be in-person courier delivery of your plants and supplies to four major transit hubs in the New York Metro Transit system: Penn Station, Times Square and Union Square in Manhattan and Atlantic Ave/Barclay's Center in Brooklyn. Pickups can be scheduled by phone, just give us a call after you've placed your order, and we'll bring it to your location choice at the time you'd prefer.


OUR PLANTS are all cultivated. Midtown Carnivores does not and will not ever support the sale of plants poached from the wild. Our available plants all come potted, as they are cultivated in open air, rather than the sealed plastic "death" cubes from major home repair retailers.

Midtown Carnivores is a registered plant nursery with the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets.