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Our next event will be at:

The Horticultural Society of New York's
3rd Annual Green Bean Bash Fundraiser
Temple Israel
112 East 75th St
New York, NY

February 7, 2015 (Sat)
3:00-5:00 PM

Tickets to event available at The Hort
We hope to see you there!

Now available and in-stock!

The California Pitcher Plant

by Natch Greyes

Learn more about this carnivorous pitcher plant dubbed "The Cobra Lily" because of its distinctive shape!

All copies hand-signed by the author!


Venus Flytrap and
North American Pitcher Plant
sales are suspended
for winter dormancy.


Latest News:

January 17, 2015:a

January 1, 2015:

November 10, 2014:

Drosera scorpioides and Drosera dichrosepala gemmae
are now available.
Signed copies of Darlingtonia, an authoritative book on the
carnivorous "Cobra Lily," are now in stock.
Drosera androsacea, Drosera omissa
and Drosera
paleacea ssp. leioblastus
gemmae are now available.

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